Monday, September 10, 2007

Find Your Place In The Sun

When I was growing up in Chicago, IL, I often heard grown folks use the saying, "find your place in the sun". It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I understood what it meant. It means go out and find your purpose in life, do what truly makes you happy. Well, at this point in my life I can say, I have finally found my place in the sun.

Now I would like to do a different twist on that old saying. "Find your place in the business sun". How do you do that, you say? You do it when, you call a customer just to say thank you, when you give away something free, when you go the extra mile and stay open after hours for a customer, when you greet every customer with a smile. These are just a few examples.

Finding ways to make your customers happy to do business with you is how you find your place in the business sun. Take a moment and think about how you can make your customers happy. You'll soon find that marketing is fun. Have a great work week.

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