Monday, March 10, 2008

Marketing Tricks For Your Business

Marketing Tricks. What are they? Marketing tricks are what some business owners use to gain customers fast. These tricks are often used when revenue is needed with the quickness, when the economy is in a recession, when the business is going out of business, when bills need to be paid, etc.

You may have even used a few Marketing Tricks in your business. Some my have worked and you got a temporary flood of customers knocking at your door waiting to purchase your product or service. Did any of those temporary customers become long-term customers? Did you build any customer relationships? Probably not.

I’ll tell you why. That’s because Marketing Tricks don’t work for gaining long-term customers. If your goal is to get quick revenue, then yes a trick might work. But if your goal is to gain valued customers who will purchase your product or service on a continued basis, then you had best leave the tricks for kids and uninformed business owners.

Consumers are far too savvy to fall for that kind of madness anyway. We all know what happens when you make a purchase via some Marketing Trick, it turns out not to be what you wanted after all, and you usually can’t return it.

Studies have shown believe it or not, that the average consumer responds to traditional marketing strategies. There really is nothing new about marketing no matter what you have heard. It’s all been done before. All marketing consultants use the same old tried and true marketing strategies with their own spice added to the mix. Your job as a business owner when seeking a marketing consultant, is to find the spice you like the most. Get it? Got it? I’m done. Happy Marketing Week!

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