Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sprint Response

Today I have renewed my faith in Sprint. Allow me to explain. I got to thinking about the blog post I made regarding my bad customer service experience with Sprint. I saw a commercial on television, in it the new CEO introduced a new Sprint phone plan, at the end of the commercial he left his e-mail address. So I decided instead of just voicing my opinion about Sprint to my blog readers, why not send the post to the CEO. I sent an e-mail and link to my blog on April 4, 2008.

On April 6, 2008 I received a reply e-mail from CEO Dan Hesse. This e-mail stated that a representative from his office would be calling me within a week. Ok, I have to tell you after my previous experience I never expected to receive a call. Well today April 8, 2008 I did indeed receive a call from Shawn J., he left a message on both my phones and sent an e-mail. This is the solution that he proposed below.

Dear Donna Cephas,

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

In order to best resolve your issue, a specialist would like to contact
you and speak to you personally. If there is another number that you
would like us to call, please reply to this email. We are looking
forward to speaking with you and resolving your concerns. I left a
message on both of your phones. I do have the ability to give you the
Moto Q for free but I have to know what line you wanted that phone for.
As far as the two months for free on both phones I am unable to do two
months however, I will give you one month free on both phones. I look
forward to speaking with you please contact me via email or phone.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

Shawn J.

I accepted his solution and thanked him for taking the time to resolve my issues with Sprint. I also let him know that I am looking forward to another 9 years and beyond with Sprint.

Folks I won't sit here and tell you that this is a victory on my part. No that is not it at all. This is simply a company taking care of a valued customer. In other words this is what we business owners call CUSTOMER SERVICE. When I am given good customer service I will share that story with you, and the same holds true when I'm given bad customer service as you have already seen in previous posts.

To all small-businesses, medium size-businesses and big corporations. Take the time to train your employees on how to practice good customer service skills. As consumers that is what we are asking for.

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