Sunday, May 04, 2008

Your Core Customer

Your core customers? Do you know who they are? The economy is slowing down to a recession, now more than ever is the time to find out who your core customer is. Your core customer is the loyal customer that purchases what you sell. Every business has a group of customers that likes it’s products or services enough to make a purchase. Do you know why they like you? How often have you taken time to ask?

Have you taken the time to find out who this group is. There is a reason why a business should know who their core customers are. Let me tell you that reason, and yes it has to do with marketing. The reason is this. Knowing your core customer is how you can effectively market your product or service. Yes this is how you can stop wasting your hard earned marketing dollars. If you have no clue who you are marketing to, than your throwing money in the wind.

Research is required to discover who your core customer is. This can be done several different ways. If you have a large marketing budget you could hire a focus group. If you have a small marketing budget you can do it the bootstrapper way. Either way you choose, finding out is the most important part of retaining your core customer. Happy Marketing Week!

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