Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business is not something you do when you no longer have customers or potential customers contacting you. Marketing is an on going part of your business. You should be marketing your business everyday, not sometimes, not every now and then, not when your pipeline dries up, none of these. You should be marketing your business EVERY DAY.

I say this because, I've been receiving calls and e-mails from potential customers who have not been maintaining on going marketing campaigns, and now they need to market their business to stay in business due to the failing economy. There is a simple fact that a business owner needs to know. That is, if you are not marketing your business when times are good, attempting to market when times are bad will be like pushing a pebble up a hill.

The purpose of on going marketing is not just to gain new clients, (although for some that is the number 1 purpose), it's also to get your company name out there in your particular market place, it's to gain word-of-mouth customers, it's to gain referrals, it's to allow your business to remain open for business, it's also a method to establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you don't market your business EVERY DAY how is anyone supposed to know that you are in business?

Contacting a marketing consultant after the fact and then expecting instant results is not a good thing. We are not miracle workers. We cannot create a stream of customers that beat a path to your business overnight. Marketing is a process, and when done on a consistent basis will produce results, as in you gaining new customers. The results I'm speaking of don't happen overnight. Marketing results require time, creativity, consistency, effort, and know how.

You also have to know the difference between marketing and advertising. In plain non-technical terms, marketing is what you do for your product or service, advertising is what you say about your product or service.

Happy Marketing Week!

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