Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Way To Network

Folks have you heard about the new networking? It’s called Meetup.com It's easy to join, all you do is go to there website, then type in your City, State, or Zip Code. There you will find hundreds of groups you can join. You can even start your own Meetup group.

I went to the Sacramento Social Media Marketing for Business meetup lead by Alejandro Reyes. on June 25th. Alejandro did an excellent job of explaining the benefits of Social Media Marketing to the folks who had little or no knowledge. I came to the meeting for the discussion on how to better utilize Twitter. Alejandro had a slide show, he talk about promoting your product or service on Twitter. I learned quit a bit from the meeting.

If you have not checked out this new way of networking I'd say that you're missing out on a chance to meet other like-minded business folks in your community.

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