Monday, October 19, 2009

My Thoughts

Wow, 2009, is just about over. Two more months until 2010 is here. Time flies! Now business owners are gearing up for the best two shopping months of the year. Christmas shopping season. The two months when folks spend money they don't really have, to buy gifts for loved ones. Happy times, for retailers worldwide. The final months to make a financial killing before tax time.

Now if you marketed your product or service all year long, you should be in line to receive a fair amount of consumers wanting to purchase your goods. However, if you cut your marketing budget due to the slow economy, then you may not have a good final two months.

Some of you may no longer even be in business, because you had to close up shop. I often tell my clients that there are only four real reasons why a business fails:

1. Lack of marketing.
2. Greed.
3. Fear.
4. No inner belief that you can.

Believe me or not. These are my thoughts.

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