Friday, October 08, 2010

Stop Wasting Precious Time

That's right I said it, in case you didn't read it the first time, let me say it again. Stop wasting precious time. The reason you are not on your way to making your first million dollars, is because you waste too much time. I hear you, you're saying you don't waste time. If, you answered yes to at least one, then you waste time.

* you watch more than 5 hours of television per week.
* you spend too much time playing around instead of networking on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or any other social media web site.
* you talk to your friends on the phone during the day.
* you do chores when you should be focusing on your business.
* you shop at the mall or on the web during business hours.
* you spend time reading and responding to e-mails that have nothing do with your business.
* you surf the net during business hours.
* you take in an afternoon movie during business hours.
* you read online magazines during business hours.
* you hang out in chat rooms during business hours.
* you view, join or make friends on various dating web sites during business hours.
* you have lunches with your girls or boys during the day, but you don't discuss anything regarding your business.
* you wash you car during business hours, and not because you are attempting to impress a potential client, you do it to kill time.
* you hang out at Starbucks but don't get anything productive done while there, you just people watch and sip on your fancy coffee drink.

I could list thousand, but I think you get the picture now. I had to be blunt. Listen folks, you started your business to to free, etc. None of the above time wasting excuses produce revenue. So my question to you is. Why are you wasting time.

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