Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being Different Is How I Do Me

I recently received a rudely worded email for a business owner I do not know or have ever done business with. She hails from the Bay Area. Our paths crossed because of a marketing campaign I am involved in. She contacted me to let me know that a few words in the ad that was created were misspelled. I sent her a thank you email. I also informed her that the ad was written by an assistant and I had let it slip by me, (I have since deleted the ad and corrected the mistakes). I also added a link to my web site and blog. I included my information with the hope of networking with her. She fired back with an email stating that after viewing my web site and blog, the way I run my business is not good. And because my assistant's mistake, she would never do business with me.

Wow! Several emails were sent between the two of us. The emails consisted of her stating her point and me stating my point. Ultimately I told her I like doing me. My clients like how I run my business. Yes, I run my marketing consultancy different from other consultants. Yes, a mistake was made (we all make mistakes, cause we are human). But think about it. We all run our businesses different from each other. That is why we call it competition. We all have our own spice thrown in the mix. Potential clients choose which one of our individual business models works best for solving their marketing problems.

I see no valid reason to contact a fellow marketing business owner to tell them that their business model is not a good one and you will never do business with them, simply because you saw misspelled words in an ad. I won't speculate why she felt the need to act as she did. What I will say is this. The best thing we can do for one another, is to allow each other to just be. We don't have to be negative or think that our way is the best way to do things. The stage is big enough for us all. Love does matter.

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