Sunday, September 04, 2011

Marketing & Selling Your Product Or Service To Different Communication Styles

There are four different types of communication styles. These styles are good to know when marketing or selling your product or service to potential and current customers. Knowing your communication style and that of the target you are marketing or selling to guides to process along more smoothly. When you know a person's communication style, you are better equipped to offer them exactly what they want.

Let's discuss the four different communication styles in detail. The following examples are from the book, Selling Today.

Emotive Style: Are expressive and willing to spend time maintaining and enjoying a large number of relationships.

Marketing & Selling To Emotives -
- Be enthusiastic
- Don't be too stiff or formal
- Take time to establish goodwill
- Maintain eye contact
- Be a good listener

Directive Style: Described as frank, demanding assertive, and determined.

Marketing & Selling To Directive -
- Keep as businesslike as possible
- Be efficient, time disciplined, organized
- Identify their goals
- Ask questions and note their response

Reflective Style: Tends to examine all the facts carefully before arriving at a decision, gathering all available information and weighing it carefully before taking a position.

Marketing & Selling To Reflectives -
- Use thoughtful, well-organized approach
- Present information in a deliberate manner
- Provide documentation
- Never pressure for a quick decision

Supportive Style: They complete their tasks in a quiet unassuming manner and seldom draw attention to what they have accomplished.

Marketing & Selling To Supportives -
- Take time to build the relationship
- Listen carefully to their opinions and feelings
- Provide assurances for their views
- Have patience, give them time to comprehend

I encourage you to take time and find your communication style, also find out the styles of the folks you market and sell to, doing this will help you prosper in your business far more than you ever dreamed.

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