Monday, March 25, 2013

I Deserve To Be Paid For My Services

In my line of work - a consulting business - I often encounter some business folks that feel they don't need to pay for consulting services. A person not wanting to pay for consulting services can end up being a problem to the bottom line of a business.

It still amazes me that some business folks think they should not pay for consulting services. It is as if they think consultanting is somehow not a legitimate business. I get calls from potential clients from time to time seeking my marketing consulting services, however, upon inquiring about my fees, they question why I charge for certain services. Really! How often do business owners give away their services for free? Now, some consulting businesses may give away an initial 30 minute consultation or something to that effect, etc., but I can think of none that outright give their services away free of charge.

For example very few folks question an attorney's retainer. When they are in need of legal representation, they gladly pay whatever is requested. The same is true for accounting services. A business owner is willing to pay the specified cost to have their books done monthly by a good account. However, when it involves marketing, some business owners have the nerve to question pricing. Marketing is what keeps a business in business. If a business does not engage in some type of marketing, they most often fail. So, why question or skimp on the very thing that will bring you customers?

Folks let me make this fact clear, EastLake Marketing Group is about making a profit! I am not doing marketing consulting/marketing coaching free of charge for anyone; not today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Under no circumstances should a consulting business not charge a client for services rendered. And the reason is this. There is expertise behind what I do for a living. I had to learn what I'm offering. It was a combination over 20 years what I learned in college, on the job, and self-taught. Either way my knowledge is worth being paid for. I am entitled to be compensated for my efforts. I never allow anyone to persuade me to do different. If I take the free route with regard to my business I will never make a profit. I always remember the advice I was given years ago by one of my mentors. She told me to charge a fair price for my consulting services, even if the person happens to be a friend or family member. I started my business to make money. Therefore I charge for my services.

Happy Marketing!

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