Wednesday, July 12, 2006

9 Ways To Make Your Bussiness Grow

I'd like to share 9 ways to increase your business. Try them they really work.

1. Be the customer.
Get into your customers head. Walk in their shoes. What do they like? Where do they go for entertainment? Who do they hang out with? What makes them happy? Why do they buy your product or service? Start with your favorite customers, then expand to customers you would like to have.

2. It's all about the benefits.
The fact that your product or service offers a lot of neat features is great, but what do they do for your customers? Do they save time or money? Give peace of mind? Raise their image to a certain status? Give them what they want not what you think they need. Do this by asking questions and observing to learn what your customers really want.

3. Get in the middle of what's going on.
If you are going to a networking event offer to help at the registration table or with refreshments. Then people come to you. Where ever you are get into the middle of the action. If you belong to a professional group join a committee, become an officer. Arrive early and help get things organized.

4. Be conversational.
Talk like a friend at a party. Avoid jargon or industry talk. Avoid formality; it distances you form the person you are talking with.

5. Stand tall and smile.
Use eye contact. However don't stare them down. Three to five seconds then look away. Stand straight. Good posture communicates confidence. When shaking hands a firm yet gentle grip is best.

6. Keep it brief.
You have a point to make. What is it? Know what you want to accomplish from each encounter. Nothing beats the power of focus.

7. It's not all about you.
Ask questions about them. Ask them how you can help them. Help them feel atease.

8. Ask for what you want.
Tell them what you want. Do you want to call or send an e-mail with more information? Do you want to take them for coffee or lunch? Do you want an appointment at their office? Think about what you want, then ask for it.

9. Be pepared.
If you want an appointment have your PDA or appointment book ready. Have business cards. Have brochures to give them. Have a small note book and pen. They may have forgot to bring their business cards with them.

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