Monday, July 17, 2006

Ad Copy That Works

When designing print ads and flyers, trying these ideas will get a better response. Start with a headline that states what you are offering. Your headline is the first thing a prospect notices, so make sure you announce what you are selling. Cute non-distinctive headlines may be creative, but they don't work. Potential customers don't read ads that have vague headlines.

Don't forget to include your phone and fax number, e-mail and web addresses. You want to make sure potential customers can contact you when their ready to make a purchase.

State the benefits of your product or service. Remember customers buy benefits not features. Most consumers could careless if a coffee maker heats the coffee to 300, 500 or even 800 degrees, they just want to know how fast it will make coffee before they crawl out of bed in the morning.

And business owners really don't want too much detail about your company, they want to read that you have a solution to their problems. Never assume that the person reading your ad gets what your business does. Spell it out for them.

Also, one-time ads don't work. You've got to place an ad at least 12 times before you'll receive a good number of responses. You'll get tired of seeing the ad before potential customers will, but don't stop running it, results will soon come.

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