Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tell Them What You Want Them To Do

One of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can make is trying to make the sale in one quick and easy step. That's called the One-Stop Strategy, and it's almost always the least effective strategy for small business. If you're using it, and you probably are, then you already know that it produces very little results.

Did you know that there is a simple, easy-to-follow and apply marketing strategy for attacting your very best prospects to your business. It is perfect for growing any type of small business and it doesn't cost a fortune.

What is it? Information! Most people want at least some basic information about your product or service before spending even a few dollars. They want even more information before making a substantial purchase. If there isn't any information available, or it is difficult to get or find, most prospects will simply look to one of your competitors who makes it easier for them to get the kind of information they want before purchasing.

Small business tend to leave out this inportant and vital fact in their marketing. If you understand how marketing works, then you know that to skip the information strategy won't get you a new customer.

Here are just a few ways that a prospect can request more information.

-Come to your business to see your product
-Come to your business to talk to you or a sales rep about your product or service
-Call or ask for more information
-Call and ask for your brochure
-Call your phone infoline
-Call to request an appointment
-Visit your web site
-E-mail a request for information
-Send you a letter requesting infromation
-Send you a fax requesting information
-Sign up for a newsletter or report
-and on and on and on

By telling your prospect exactly what action to take next, you remove all doubt and confusion. You have made his or her decision much easier. They now know exactly what to do and what to ask for.

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