Monday, August 14, 2006

More Mistakes To Avoid

Unfortunately too many businesses believe they can run an ad in a newspaper or magazine, and they'll instantly have plenty of customers. That kind of thinking has led to millions of dollars wasted on ineffective advertising every year. Check out the most common mistakes:

1. Thinking that advertising is the same as marketing.
2. Failing to target prospects via the right publications.
3. Creating a single ad instead of an intergrated marketing campaign.
4. Running an ad once or twice and expecting big returns.
5. Focusing on how and ad looks instead of how it performs.
6. Making vague claims about "quality" and "service".
7. Failing to focus on benefits.

Marketing your business is an ongoing process. When done right you can make your way to the bank alot more often then your competition will. Contact EastLake Marketing Group, we'll show you how it's done.

EastLake Marketing Group is a marketing firm that specializes in working with small businesses. Our marketing consultants can create innovative strategies that will help accelerate your business on a low-to-moderate budget. Contact EastLake Marketing Group today for a free one hour consultation by phone or in person. 916.454.3022-office

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