Friday, August 24, 2007

Is It Junk Mail?

Do you send potential customers direct mail? Most people call it JUNK MAIL. I call it opportunity mail. Cause it's an opportunity to gain new business. You would be surprised at how many consumers and business owners respond to a mailing. Just look at the Penny Saver, that little magazine, flyer or whatever it's called, is unsolicited mail. Nobody ask to have it sent to them. Yet they can't wait to get it in the mail every week. And why not? You can find some great stuff in the Penny Saver.

The Post Office even offers free information packets telling you all about how to used Direct Mail. Go to their web site and order the packets. Also, the Post Office will accept any size flyer as long as it has postage on it. Which means you can get really creative. Use any shape or size you want, whatever it takes to get noticed.

So don't be shy make good use of the United States Postal Service. They can help you generate sales and gain new clients. Now do you still think it should be called Junk Mail? I think not.

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