Monday, August 27, 2007

Wasting Your Time

How long should you maintain contact with a potential customer? The verdict is not clear on this one. Most marketers say seven times others say twenty-one. I say only you know how long. After all it's your potential customer.

Upon initial contact from the customer inquiring about more information regarding your product or service. You most likely will send a brochure, flyer, catalog or even a free gift. You might make a follow-up call to see if they have more questions. At this point you should be able to determine if you should maintain contact or keep it moving.

Ok they called you back and you sent them some company marketing materials. Did they buy anything? That's the goal here, to get them to buy your product or service. The thing to do now, is continue sending monthly mailings until you get another response. Consistancey is what gets you noticed. The next time they contact you, ask for an in person meeting.

As for wasting your time. What do you think?

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