Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bad Customer Service

I used to love Apple, but now I hate them. Not their computers, just the people who work for them. It comes from the top on down, they are too full of themsevles now.

My reason for the hate is this. I took my iBook in because it was booting to a black screen. Anyway, I take it to the Apple Store, those so-called techs sent it out for repair, two weeks later I go and pick it up to find, that my hard drive is completely gone, yes, everything was gone. Apple decided to make up for their blunder of damaging my original hard drive, by installing a PowerBook 4,3 inside my iBook. I was livid, no one called me to say this was happening or anything. They just thought I would be oh so happy now that I have a PowerBook. I told them if I wanted a PowerBook I would have purchased one.

My conclusion is, this is what happens to a company when they are too focused on being chic and cool. Several other customers were watching me and hearing the Store Manager explain why they did this. Some of them told me their horror stories. Let me tell you, I’m no longer feeling the Apple experience.

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