Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smell The Roses

What ever happened to taking our time? You know just relaxing, not hurrying about. Everybody is in such a darn rush to get somewhere or to do something. So much so, we have terms for it. The "early bird catches to worm", means get up at the crack of dawn or you'll miss out. Miss out on what? The term " I need it yesterday", means give it to me right now. Needing it yesterday is not even possible when you think about. If it was needed yesterday than why didn't you do it yesterday?

I made a promise to never rush anything unless I'm paid to do so. My time is valuable to me. If I have to rush, than I'm getting paid for it, period. Besides, I always take my time and focus on the details so I get it done correctly the first time. Cause I don't enjoy repeating anything.

Stop and smell the roses. That saying couldn't be more true for this day and age. Fast everything has been invented, dsl, fast-food, drive-thru, automated customer service, self-check out lanes, etc. Even giving birth to a beautiful bundle of joy takes a three day hospital stay, some hospitals kick you out after one day. Surgeries that once required a hospital stay are now done on an out-patient basis. When does it stop?

One can choose to rush about in every area of life, but we business owners should take time to service customers and clients. Take time to give them what they want, not what you think they want. Take time to be understanding of their needs. No automated customer service lines needed. Make them feel that you truly care about doing business with them. Let's all start doing the simple act of Smelling The Roses.

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