Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do You Have An Information Packet?

There is a simple marketing strategy for attracting potential customers to your business. Let me tell you what is. It's called information. Most people want at least some basic information about your product or service before spending their hard-earned dollars. They will want even more information before making any kind of substantial purchase.

Create an information packet about your company. Include a welcome letter, brochure, brief company history, flyers, coupons, free gift, etc. Give as much information about your company as you can. Hire someone if you don't have the skills to do this.

When a potential customer calls you about your product or service, tell them you'll mail an information packet. Sure you can give them details or guide them to your web site, but how many times can you follow up with "Did you view my web site?" Sending the information packet gives you a chance to follow up often. Plus you have given them a ton of information about what you do, so when they are ready to make a purchase, they'll contact you.

I'm often amazed when I make a marketing assessment of a new client and find out they have not even created an information packet. Happy Marketing Week!

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