Sunday, January 20, 2008

Customer Realationships

Growing a business has taught me a few things, ok a lot of things. One of those things is this. Customer Relationships. When you grow a business you meet a lot of customers along the way. Some help you, some you help, they may have become your friend, mentor, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Some may even become your enemy.

Throughout your journey you will take some with you for a time, and some for the long-haul. Don’t focus on the customers that left you for your competition. Instead focus on the customers that have stuck with you through it all. Over the years you have built lasting business relationships with them. You have provided them with solutions to their business problems, in turn they helped you grow your business. Together you have built a strong working relationship, either one of you would be lost without the other. You have taken care of each other, and never want to break the bond that you have.

I have to say growing a business is definitely hard. However the reward is you get a chance to meet and form relationships with people you otherwise may have never known. There is certain beauty to it all. I thought I was in business for myself, then realized no one does it alone, the relationships you build along the way are the relationships that matter the most. So I say thank you to all the customers that have helped me in my journey. Happy Marketing Week To All!

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