Sunday, January 27, 2008

Your Marketing Materials Suck, Oops Did I Say That Out Loud

Yes I did say that. Your marketing materials suck when they resemble any of the following. You had better hire someone quick to design or redesign them.

Your Marketing Materials Suck If,
* You scratched out a phone number on your business card that is disconnected.
* You have a fancy name such as, CEO, Chief Director, etc. If it’s just you at your company, then say so.
* You do any designs in a Word program.
* You can’t remember the last time you changed any of your materials.
* You're still using the same materials you did when you first began working for yourself and it has now been 5 years since then.
* Your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes are all printed on different color paper and typed using different fonts.
* Your business cards are perforated.

You get the picture right? I'm sure we have all been handed a business card, at one time or another, and had to hold back a laugh, I know I have. Folks your company marketing materials represent not just your company but you as well. You wouldn’t dare show up to a business meeting in torn or tattered attire. Now if you just said yes, Lord help you, I'll pray for you.

The point is this. Even if you have a small budget for marketing materials, make darn sure they are professionally done. Have your logo, letterhead, envelopes, and most important, business cards done by a graphic designer. Have whatever copywriting you use done by a professional copywriter. Your company marketing materials should always be consistent with your business image. Are your marketing materials consistent or do they suck? Happy Marketing Week!

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