Sunday, June 15, 2008

Commitment - Guest Post By Jay Conrad Levinson

This guest post brings home the true meaning of what it takes when you engage in marketing your business. Happy Marketing Week!

If you're not committed to a marketing or advertising program, it's probably not going to work for you. I tell clients that the single most important word for them to remember during the time they are engaged in marketing is commitment. It means that they are taking the marketing job seriously. They're not playing around, not expecting miracles. They have scant funds to test their marketing yet they must act. Without commitment marketing becomes practically impotent.

You evolve a marketing plan, revise and re-revise it until it is a powerful plan for your purposes. You put it to work and stay with it no matter what (in most cases). You watch it slowly take effect, rise and falter, take a bit more effect, slide back a bit, start taking hold even more, stumble, then finally grab on and soar, taking you with it. Your plan is working, your cash register is ringing; your bank balance is swelling. And this is because you were committed to your marketing program.

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