Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Recession Marketing Offer!

Okay folks I have received calls regarding my Marketing Plan post. Some of you are confused as to what it is I'm referring to. Maybe I'm partly the blame for that, so I have revised my Recession Marketing Offer. The price has increased a little. Read on to find out more.

Money is tight, I know this, you know it too. However to stay in business you have to market your product or service no matter what the economy happens to be. You got to spend money to make money.

So I am offering you my marketing skills for $250.00. You need to attract new customers to your business, I can create the marketing materials you need. What type of materials you say? The type of marketing materials created for this economy, that's what I'm speaking of.

Your current marketing materials may have been created in a booming economy, now things have changed. You need marketing that is in tune with your customers current needs, not their past needs. Customers are looking for a bargain due to the failing economy. They are expecting you to offer something for free or at least a discount. So take a look at your current marketing materials. Are they in tune with what is going on today?
If not, then we need to talk.

The following are examples of what I'm offering:

* brochures
* newsletters
* flyers
* magazine ads
* newspaper ads
* e-mail campaigns

Take advantage of this offer today, cause it won't last forever. Contact me 916.548.6328 or 404.931.4695 e-mail

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