Sunday, June 01, 2008

Marketing During The Recession

Some of my clients have been telling me they are thinking about cutting back on their advertising budget due to the recession. Folks let me tell you the same thing I told them. Now is not the time to cut back on marketing your business. You may want to tighten the funds on excessive spending in other areas, but not when it involves marketing. I can’t stress this point enough.

Just because the economy is a mess and consumers are not spending the way they did before does not mean people won’t continue to buy your product or service. Consumers are going to spend their hard earned dollars even if the price for gas is $10.00 dollars per gallon. Most will just find other modes of transportation. Trust me. Don't believe what you have heard.

A slow economy is a sign that you are going to have to be more creative with your marketing tactics. For example: have a sale, give away something for free, offer no interest credit plans, do a buy one get one free sale, etc. Dig deep folks. Consumers already know you want them to spend part of their IRS stimulus check at your business. They also know that there are deals to be negotiated at every turn.

So make it worth their while. Cause every consumer knows they have a choice now. Give them something free, and also give them 150% excellent customer service. Happy Marketing Week!

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