Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Have A Blog

It seems everyone has a blog. Everyone also has a different reason for having a blog. Why do I have a blog? My reason for blogging is, for my clients and future clients.

I see my blog not as an avenue to gain thousands of faithful followers, or to win some blog award, or to be named Top-Dog in the blog word. No none of that, the reason has always remained the same from the very first post I made. To inform, educate, humor, entertain, and give marketing advice to small-business owners.

I know a few pro bloggers who think that approach to blogging is a waste of time. I beg to differ. I see it as a way to give my current clients marketing tips, and to show potential clients my marketing skills.

That is why I blog. I will continue to make a post every Sunday regarding all things small-business marketing for my clients and future clients. Happy Marketing Week!

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