Sunday, August 17, 2008


This was posted sometime last year. I found it fitting to re-post it again due to the failing economy. Hope you enjoy reading it yet again. Happy Marketing Week!

Feeling Good
I want to talk about feeling good. The good feeling one gets when walking into a business and they enjoy seeing you, and not because they know you are about to make a purchase. I mean they are really happy to see you and do business with you. How often do you get that feeling? Do this for me. The very next time you enter a business, observe how they treat you. If for any reason at any moment you are not feeling good about buying from them, leave, that's right, just leave and never come back.

They will wonder why you are leaving. If you would like to tell them why, just say, "I don't feel good about giving my hard-earned money to your business". Doing this one simple act will encourage businesses to change their customer service and marketing tactics. It will be all about the customer not the business. Don't forget you have to also make sure you and your employees are giving the good feeling at your business.

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