Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Is Social Media Over

I've been hearing a lot of talk of Social Media being over and done with. I find this to be a valid point in some areas. I don't think it's dead per say, just lost a bit of it's luster. I think that is because of the onset of spammers, get rich-quick schemes, and just outright abuse.

Take Twitter for example, a large majority of folks on Twitter focus solely on how many followers they can amass. Not caring in the least about networking or building customer relationships. Facebook is all about idle chitchat, nothing of substance really when you break it down. Even blogging has lost it's stardom. Remember the days when there were superstar bloggers with a ton of loyal readers? The content had to be kick ass to make super status. Those were the days, and that was just a few years ago.

What does the future hold for Social Media? A very bright one, if we can somehow take it back to the original purpose it was intended for and grow from there. Social Media .was intended to make folks aware, not to shove mindless crap down there throats. The rotten apples always seem to make their presence known, and ruin good things for everyone. Hopefully we can get it back on track. I for one look forward to the day that happens.

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