Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Does It Take So Long

I had a discussion the other day regarding marketing and advertising. One of the participates asked us marketing experts. Why does it take so long for a potential customer to make that first purchase when one is attempting to sell a product or service?

My response was. Marketing takes time because everybody is doing the same thing or some variation of the same. There are hundreds of products that do exactly the same thing. The name, package, and ingredients may be slightly different, but overall it is still the same. And take a look at your friendly neighborhood Yellow Pages. You will find a long list of plumbers, contractors, landscapers, etc.

The average consumer has too many choices. With so many brands competing for their attention, it is no wonder why it takes so long. Consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising message so much, that it has all just become background noise to them. They don't even notice anymore.

The task for any brand is to gain the attention of the consumer. And doing so in this day and age is not going to be easy. A brand has to come correct or go home. A business has to find the right marketing and advertising formula that will work for their particular product or service. Yes, you may have to wait for a response, but at least you get to be creative while you are waiting.

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