Sunday, November 08, 2009

Corporate Policies

I'd like to discuss policies, you know the kind that mainly big corporations have. These so-called policies are meant to be followed to the letter or else one risks losing their state of employment. Why are there policies at all? Now I realize there has to be some order, so as not to create mass chaos within a company, but I feel it is not good for the folks that work there.

This old out-dated practice of doing business only creates fear-based management. Where a company has the top folks demanding the lower folks perform certain tasks according to company policies. Working in this style in my opinion creates a bunch of simpletons who only do what they are told for fear of being fired.

How can a corporation expect a worker to ever enjoy their job if they are constantly being punished for free-thinking? The bottom line is, they don't want workers to enjoy working for them, or think for themselves, they just want to control them. I say to that, Viva La Self-Employment!

Happy Marketing Week!

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