Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creating The Ultimate Brand Experience

Does your company give customers the ultimate brand experience? Think back to the day when you realized that you could not do without something, as in, a product or service. I remember vividly when that day was for me. It was back in 2008 during a warm Summer's day in Sacramento. That something would be, a chai tea latte, and I only want to experience said latte in one place, that place is Starbucks. I love the feeling I get from sitting there watching folks go about ordering, reading, talking, working on their computers, having meetings, etc. In my opinion, no other coffee place makes chai tea lattes or the experience I feel like Starbucks, and I mean no one, I have attempted to find a place.

Now, would you say, that Starbucks has created the ultimate brand experience?

Or, would you say, that I just like sitting in Starbucks watching random folks go about their business while sipping on a fancy coffee drink?

I'd like to know what you think.

(Note): This is not an cheap attempt to market Starbucks lattes, just my opinion.

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