Sunday, April 10, 2011

Neatness Counts

Does neatness really count?

It does when you market a product or service. A business cannot afford to be sloppy with their brand. When a consumer walks into a place of business. They should find a neat and clean environment. Products that are to be sold should be placed in the proper section, and properly price tagged. The store should be free of clutter and anything extra. Employees should be neat and courteous. Excellent customer service should be given to every customer.

A business Web site should be updated on a regular basis. Any links should be checked to make sure they are still working. Shopping carts should function as they were designed to function. Phone numbers, addresses, and yearly copyrights, etc. should be current. Products should be available for purchase, if they are not, then remove then or clearly state when they are available.

Yes, neatness does indeed count.

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