Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finding The Valued And Not So Valued Customer Service Balance

Customer service is essential if your goal is to have long-term repeat customers. There is a delicate balance involved; on the one hand you take care of your valued customers. What about the not so value customers? Do you treat them differently? There in lies the dilemma for most businesses. How do you find the customer service balance between the valued and not so valued customer?

Some businesses offer different levels based on customers status. This method is based on top and medium level paying customers receiving the best customer service, and low level customers receiving mediocre service. Funny how nobody within a company ever wants to admit this fact, but it is practiced everyday by a large and small businesses. In my opinion the balance is found in treating each and every customer equally.

How can this be done? It begins from the very moment a customer is gained. No matter how much the monetary value of the first purchase. The focus should remain on the fact that they made a purchase. That act alone makes them a valued customer.

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