Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Ultimate Goal Is To Sell

I love how some folks on the various social media sites seem to want to regulate the practice of selling a product or service. I guess us business folk are interrupting their conversations about what they are doing at the moment. Now don't start attacking me just yet. I have no problem with random folks discussing their personals in a public forum. What I have a problem with is, some random person suggesting that I not sell my product or service or telling me how, when, and what I should be selling on a social media site.

Social media is no different than a brick and mortar establishment. Picture this scenario. You and your other half decide to go watch a movie at the local mall. You arrive a bit early. The movie does not start until an hour later. You go ahead and purchase the tickets anyway, with the intentions of passing the time by walking around the mall and checking out the sales. The two of you walk into a store to checkout a sale that caught the other half's eye. Immediately you are both greeted by a friendly sales rep. You tell the sales rep that you are just looking until your movie starts. Fair enough for the sales rep to leave you be now, huh?

No it is not. You have just walked into a retail store. The sales rep's job is to approach you and make an attempt to sell you something. They are not in business in the mall so that you and your other half can chill until your movie starts. Now they have no problem with you browsing the items that they sell while you determine if you are going to make a purchase. But you don't get the right to expect them to not make at least one attempt to sell you something.

That is exactly how it is with social media. If you befriend a business then you should expect at some point that the business is going to attempt to sell you something. We business owners are on social media sites to sell a product or service. Yes, we may chat it up with you, but make no mistake, our ultimate goal is to sell. Our conversations are geared toward building relationships with current and potential customers. We are going to post tips and other advice, we will post about our web sites and blogs. And yes, we attempt to make a sell. Because after all the ultimate goal is to sell.

Social media is the new way to sell to customers. If your goal is to just chat it up with others in your circle, feel free to do so. That is your agenda. Do not however, interfere with the agenda of businesses that intend to sell their products and services. We have the right to sell as often as we choose to. If for some reason you don't like it, then unfollow, unfriend, delete, etc. Because after all, the ultimate goal is to sell you something.

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