Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Most Important Thing To Do When You Want More Sales

The most important thing any business should be doing to gain more sales is, market to the customers you already have. Marketing your product or service to current customer's is how you gain repeated sales and referrals. A customer that purchased from you before is more likely to purchase from you again. They are going to do this before a prospect will. Why? Because they have already established a business relationship with you. A prospect does not yet know you or trust you.

Yes, it has been said many times by countless marketing professionals. Yet you would be surprised how many businesses don't utilize this valuable marketing strategy. They make a sale, then never follow up. Then wonder why they are constantly seeking new customers. Folks it is simple, so simple I can't understand why my clients and other business owners don't do it with every person that has made a purchase. If you want more sales. Market to the customers you already have. If you do not have time because you are too busy running things, then hire someone to do it for you. Not marketing to current customers is leaving money on the table for someone else to take. That someone would be your competition.

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