Friday, August 17, 2012

One Size Does Not Fit All

The above headline my be true for clothing designers, but it does not apply to marketing a product or service. Marketing requires a business to have a well thought out strategy in place, and this strategy is set to be implemented for a projected period of time. The strategy must also be designed to fit a particular audience or a trageted segment of customers. Each business has to create a marketing strategy(s) that they think will produce the optimum results they are seeking. This may entail doing customer research as in; surveys, asking the customer directly what they like or dislike about the company's product or service, finding out why they made a purchase, why do they continue to make purchases, etc. Doing this allows the business to fine-tune their marketing stratgey for the best possible results.

With that being said, it still to this day shocks me as to why some business owners think that just because thier competition had a successful marketng campaign that they too can use the same marketing strategy and also be successful. Sadly, it does not work that way. Trust and believe that most likely, the competition's marketing strategy worked because they implemented the ideas I mentioned above and more. Marketing is not cookie cutter. Far from it. A good marketing campaign is a consistent strategic approach to getting your product or service noticed by the people who want to purchase whatever it is that you are attempting to sell them. Now, how your business achieves this action depends on how well you know if your product or service is of use to current customers and potential customers. Yes, it is just that simple. And knowing this is crucial to your survial. I welcome your feedback. Leave a comment. Happy Marketing To You!

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