Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Thoughts On Business

Remember, what you are about to read are my thoughts, not yours, so don't take them personal.

1. If you think your business can't get new customers, than you won't.

2. You cannot and will not servive without a solid marketing plan.

3. Your customers will leave you if you do not maintain the relationship that you have with them.

4. Do not say your product will do this or that when you know darn well it won't.

5. If you cannot complete the project on time, then say so.

6. Learn when to walk away from a negoiation that is has gone bad.

7. Always give more than the contract states.

8. Never talk about the competition in front of a customer, no matter how bad their product or service is.

9. It is hard to say no sometimes, but you are going to have to learn.

10. Treat your business like you love it, cause if you don't, no customer ever will.

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