Sunday, July 13, 2008


What is micro-blogging? What can it do to help your business?

Micro-blogging is blogging on a very small scale. Take Twitter for example, my favorite micro-blogging site. The way this site works is, you sign up for free and make as many posts as you like, you can also follow friends and they in turn follow you. When following someone you get to see what they are micro-blogging about. The catch to micro-blogging is you only get a limited amount of characters when posting, with Twitter it is 140. You can even send and receive Twitts via your cell phone.

Some would say that is not enough characters to convey what they want to say, maybe that's true, just means one has to really focus getting their point across. I find Twitter to be a great medium to get to know other like-minded business folks in the marketing field. I mainly follow business folks who are involved in marketing, writing, web design, graphic design, and editing. These are folks I can network with, and eventually work with at some point.

There is a new site called, the yellow pages for Twitter. Twitter is not connected to Twellow, but this site is a great way to find other Twitter folks you may be interested in finding out about and following.

Now Twitter does have it's draw-backs. They have issues with the site, bugs that still need to be worked out, but overall Twitter is an excellent avenue to network and build your brand. There are tons of million dollar companies that utilize Twitter. Make your company the next one. Happy Week!

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